01 V12 Cockpit Smart VTM

Government Services
On Hand

The all-in-one solution that is the perfect fit for your service centre to provide the ultimate customer experience.

  • Fully customizable features and functions.
  • Integrated with the latest in video technology to connect remotely and assist your customers.
  • Dispense official documents (Identification Card, Passport, etc) within minutes of approval.

02 Key Touch Points

02 Features & Benefits


  • Barcode Scanner (1D, 2D, MRZ)
  • Biometric reader (Iris, Face and Fingerprint)
  • Cash box (Deposit/Payment)
  • Remote dual screen control
  • Instant card dispenser (ID, License, Medical, Passport)
  • Document Scanning (Passport, ID, etc)
  • EMV reader (Contact/Contactless Card)
  • Printer (Receipts, Statements, Documents)
  • NFC/RFID/Bluetooth Capable
Optimized for:
Windows (201x114)


03 Services & Transactions


Counter Services

  • Registration/renewal with instant issuance (Passport/IC/Roadtax/Permit)
  • Payment & status (Fines & penalties, summons, taxes)
  • Personal information update
  • Live video assistance
  • Streamed-Lined-Process

    User on-boarding

  • Education
  • Social Services
  • Road and Transportation
  • Healthcare Services
  • National Registration
  • Income Tax