Fujitsu & Emerico implements smart kiosks for digital banking

The smart kiosks are part of the uBank experience launched by Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Fujitsu has announced its implementation of smart banking kiosks at the newly opened digital banking centre in Abu Dhabi.

Fujitsu partnered with Malaysia-based banking and retail technology specialist Emerico to deliver the virtual teller machines to bring convenience and flexibility to banking customers.

The smart kiosks are part of the uBank experience launched by Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB).

Through the touch-screen smart kiosks, ADCB's customers can instantly open an account, obtain or replace credit and debit cards, and print bank statements. They can also request for their service of choice and complete it with a visit to the banking outlet without having to wait.

Furthermore, self-service transactions are secured with biometric authentication technology and a digital signature system, and customers can also request on-demand support from a banking assistant via a live video connection.

Utilising Emerico's Alexis software means full customer integration is achieved through the UAE EIDA (Emirates Identity Authority) gate for accessing pertinent information with a simple scan of the customer ID. Alexis also monitors the kiosks remotely, checks if a component goes offline, and can check when plastics must be refiled in the card printer.

It is also integrated with all systems of the bank, whereby background checks to issue credit cards or loans can be swiftly verified. The credit cards issued from the smart kiosk are thereby fully certified by international card companies and approved under local regulations as well.

Farid Al-Sabbagh, VP and managing director at Fujitsu Middle East, said: "Every single detail in uBank, including the live video conference support, is designed to enhance customer convenience. This is a strong example of Fujitsu's commitment to support our partners in the region with the latest technology solutions to power their digital transformation."

Arup Mukhopadhyay, head of Consumer Banking Group at ADCB, added: "Customers can now perform several on-the-spot transactions by visiting the ADCB uBank. This enhances the quality and speed of services and as a new ‘anytime, anywhere, anyhow' solution, it will fit in perfectly with our customers' lifestyles. We are very happy with Fujitsu and Emerico's smart banking solution as it is fully secured, digitally driven and highly efficient."

ADCB is planning to launch two more uBank centres this year in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.