01 Government

Reaching out to
the community

Even with the explosive growth of the Internet, governments across the globe are late adopters to this technology and are often out of touch with their communities. Emerico’s patented platform and solution aims to bring communities closer together, allowing authorization and dispensing of official government documents to be easier and more efficient for the people.

02 Services & Transactions

Key Touch

Create a customer-centric experience with our digital innovations and redefine the meaning of customer experience.


Counter Services

  • Registration/renewal (Passport/IC/Roadtax/Permit)
  • Payment & status (Fines & penalties, summons, taxes)
  • Personal information update
  • Live video assistance
  • Streamed-Lined-Process

    User on-boarding

  • Education
  • Social Services
  • Road and Transportation
  • Healthcare Services
  • National Registration
  • Income Tax
  • 03 Innovation

    V12 Mobility

    The V12 Mobility is the most versatile tool to connect and engage with your customers anywhere in the world.

    • Go beyond the branch. Bring your services and acquire customers on-the-go.
    • State-of-the-art EMV compatibility for easy capture of payments.
    • Secure and safe transactions with built in encryption technology.
    • Large intuitive touchscreen (iPad, Android, Windows)
    • Biometric Reader (Facial and Fingerprint)
    • Full Page RFID Passport and ID Reader (MRZ, 1D, 2D)
    • EMV Payment (Contact/Contactless)
    • OCR and Barcode Scanner (RFID/NFC, MRZ, 1D, 2D, QR)
    • Camera & Video for Live Assistance
    • Document Scanner (Passport, ID, etc)
    • Remote Dual Screen Control
    • Thermal Receipt Printer
    • NFC/RFID/Bluetooth Capable
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    Windows (201x114)


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