Emerico Highlights Suite of Digitisation Technologies for the Banking Industry at the ME Banking Innovation Summit in Dubai

Most retail banking services that require face-to-face contact will soon be available via smart banking machines.

Jakarta, Indonesia, March 21, 2018 – Smart banking machines, a new form of ATMs, could deliver a 30 percent relative reduction in operating costs and capital expenses of a retail bank branch.

These machines produced by Emerico Pvt Ltd, an international technology company are a new wave of ATMs with larger, digitally enabled screens offering almost all of the services human bank tellers now provide as well as new capabilities like instant debit or credit cards issuance.

Emerico chief executive officer Francis Lai said the company’s ranges of smart banking machines were equipped with bank tellers’ and ATMs’ capabilities.

“The machines provide seamless retail banking services and most other services that require face-to-face contact with bank tellers, among others, opening of account, and instant issuance of ATM card, debit and credit card, cheque leaf, loan applications, fund transfer, cash and cashless remittance, and currency exchange,” said Francis Lai at Self-Service Banking Asia 2018 at Shangri-La Hotel here.

At the event, Francis Lai delivered his speech entitled “Video Teller Machines – keeping up with customer expectations”.

He said the company’s technologies will shape the bank of the future with more sales driven and complex capabilities continue to be added to the machines.

“As those capabilities continue to grow and integrated seamlessly, a service can be shrunk down from days to minutes, for instance, debit, credit cards, loan and cheque leaves issuance. Hence, branch tellers will move from behind the counter to focus more on complex transactions, like coordinating loans for homes or small businesses,” he said.

Emerico offers three types of machines, Cockpit Smart VTM, V3 Smart VTM with iPAD, and V3 Mobility with iPAD.

The Cockpit Smart VTM is fully customisable with features and functions. It is integrated with the latest in video technology so customers can interact with it for their day-to-day needs from loan applications, account opening and bill payments to credit card issuance.

V3 Smart VTM with iPAD is a patented technology with digital-friendly interface that is able to offer similar features and functions as Cockpit Smart VTM in a sleek, compact, and space-saving design.

V3 Mobility with iPAD is a portable smart banking device for banks to bring their services beyond the brick-and-mortar branches to customers anywhere in the world.

Emerico sales director Azlan Ashari said a total of 500 units of Cockpit Smart VTM will be produced this year to supply to banks worldwide and 100 units of the machine will be marketed to banks in Indonesia.

“We are new to the Indonesian retail banking market, and targeting to distribute the machines to the top banks in Indonesia.

At this juncture, we have distributed more than 50 units Cockpit Smart VTM worldwide. We have deployed six units to a bank in UAE last year, and five more units are underway.

“For V3 Mobility with iPAD, we have supplied more than 1000 units to banks in Malaysia and overseas,” said Azlan.

These machines are powered by Alexis Software, Emerico’s proprietary software.

Alexis is a platform that is end-to-end: from back-end engine and Smart Integration Module, to configurable SaaS middleware, through to front-end white labelled applications. It provides an all-in-one solution ready for quick and cost-efficient deployment.

Established in 2012, Emerico is a world leader in banking and retail technology. It is a MFI Certified Manufacturer of Apple for its banking products. Its Alexis Smart Software solution is a certified Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS) by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC).

Emerico is an ISO9001 company with eight international awards and accolades in the field of Banking and Customer Service solutions. It is operating in three continents with four regional offices and dedicated to innovation, international service standards and support customers from all over the world with the freedom to focus on what matters most: their real business. Visit https://emerico.biz/