Aviation Trends in 2018

International aviation recruitment and resourcing solutions firm Aero Professional released a report of the aviation industry trends in 2018

The report outlined key aviation industry trends based on an analysis of a host of key reports and authoritative articles.

International Air Transport Association (IATA): State of the Industry and Global Economic Outlook

Annual passenger numbers are to surpass 4.3 billion by the end of 2018

Overall aviation industry profits are to hit $38.4 billion

2018 will mark the fourth consecutive year of sustainable profits

ROI on capital invested in aviation will be around 9.4%, compared to the average of 7.4%

Total aviation industry employee numbers will rise to over 2.7 million people

The industry will continue to be beset by rising costs, including fuel, labour and infrastructure

However, these costs will be offset by growing demand and improved industry grouping

Asia-Pacific will be a key growth region, with profits projected to increase by $700 million

Domestic markets in China, Japan and India will continue to strengthen

LCCs will have the biggest impact on the ASEAN market