Emerico launches new state of the art aviation customer service solution at London’s Aviation Festival

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May 28, 2018
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Aviation Festival UK


The V8 Smart Aviation VTM and the V8 Mobile Aviation Companion are showcased at the Aviation Festival in Islington, London, 5 September 2018


  • The V8 Smart Aviation VTM features live video assistance for passengers
  • The V8 Mobile Aviation Companion allows for instant passenger updates for cabin and ground crew during flights


Emerico Private Limited today announces the launch of its latest aviation technology, the V8 Smart Aviation VTM, and the V8 Mobile Aviation Companion, at the Aviation Festival running from September 5-7 at the Business Design Centre in Islington, London.


The two new technologies streamline the traveling experience of air passengers, with the V8 Smart Aviation VTM providing a one-stop self-service facility for ticket purchase, boarding pass printing, check-in, luggage tag retrieval, seat upgrades, and live video calling.


The V8 Mobile Aviation Companion links the airline’s staff with passengers to transform the way in-flight service and cabin operations are informed during pre-boarding and in-flight for a seamless experience. The unit features two digital communication technologies. One being used by flight crew which allows staff to check the passenger manifest, meal selections, special needs and to keep track of any inventories or purchases by the passenger.


Aviation Festival UK




CEO of Emerico Francis Lai, said: “We aim to create a seamless experience between digital channels and brick and mortar to give airline companies and airport operators a competitive advantage to improve and enhance the overall air travel experience for the passenger. The goal is to turn one of air travel’s most time-consuming and tedious experiences – waiting in a queue – into something hassle-free to give more personal control over their travel experience.”


The V8 Smart Aviation VTM is the latest in passenger management solutions and is specially designed to enhance the consumer experience, especially in high passenger traffic airports. The intuitive touchscreen makes the process of printing boarding passes, luggage tags and even making secure payments simple for passengers. The one-stop pre-departure system features state of the art security technologies such as biometric facial and fingerprint recognition, live video calling and remote assistance capabilities. The V8 Smart Aviation VTM is designed to easily fit into off-site locations for passenger convenience.


The live video assistance technology enables passengers to check-in and manages their flight at their own convenience and request for live video assistance if needed. Though the video connection, a customer support specialist can connect and take control of the VTM in real-time, to assist customers and make changes to their check-in process while communicating directly with the customer.  


Emerico sales director Azlan Ashari, said: “The V8 Mobile Aviation Companion will transform the way in-flight service and cabin operations work together, and ultimately improve the in-flight experience for customers. It provides an efficient and technologically advanced solution by providing information to the in-flight crew while in transit, to serve passengers more effectively by using two-way digital communication.”


The latest in Emerico aviation technology allows airlines and airports to connect to their passengers and passenger needs by utilising seamless end to end technology solutions, both in and out of the airport and during the flight.



For further information please email Lisa Marshall lisa.marshall@limelightpr.co.uk or phone on 0207 927 8100 


About Emerico

Emerico is a global ICT service provider with more than 10 years’ experience across the globe. As a Technology Principal with offices and facilities in Asia Pacific, the USA and the Middle East, plus an extensive worldwide network of partners and clients, Emerico’s diverse range of solutions includes Smart Branch, Virtual Teller Machine (VTM), branchless & agent banking, mobile banking, payment system, straight-thru process and instant issuance card systems. Emerico translates business needs into practical IT solutions which increase competitive edge and profitability whilst also proving cost-effective. Emerico’s unique client base and ability to fulfill for a wide range of requirements and customisation has led to a consistent demand for our services from local and international customers.



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